Do It Like a Woman

... and Change the World

Caroline Criado-Perez

Published: 3 March 2016
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 336 pages
ISBN: 9781846275814


Doing anything 'like a woman' used to be an insult. Now, as the women in this book show, it means being brave, speaking out, and taking risks, changing the world one step at a time.

Here, campaigner and journalist Caroline Criado-Perez introduces us to a host of pioneers, including a female fighter pilot in Afghanistan; a Chilean revolutionary; the Russian punks who rocked against Putin; and the Iranian journalist who uncovered her hair.

About the author

Image of Caroline Criado-Perez

Caroline Criado-Perez is a British journalist and feminist activist whose work has appeared in The Times, the Telegraph, the Guardian, the Independent and the New Statesman. In 2013, she won the Liberty Human Rights Campaigner of the Year Award and was named one of the Guardian's People of the Year. She tweets @CCriadoPerez More about the author


‘[An] immersive piece of investigative journalism... The pleasure of Do It Like A Woman is that it's about other women - their campaigns, their political interventions, their stories. In a world overstuffed with tedious me-myself-and-I-as-hero-of-my-own-narrative books, Criado-Perez has had the good sense to deliver an overview that grasps the essential impetus of feminism - as collective, connective action by a diversity of women whose voices are as brave and informed as Criado-Perez's. Criado-Perez shares some of the clarity and in insight of the young [Shulamith] Firestone’ Rachel Holmes



‘[An] inspiration’

‘A brave, heartfelt and necessary book’

‘A must-read, put it on the curriculum’

‘A powerful and inspiring read’

‘Compelling... a book full of fascinating stories and facts’

‘Eloquent and powerful... essential’

‘If all the campaigning rhetoric has left you cold, you can relight the radical fire in your soul with this blisteringly essential manifesto. Eminently readable and deeply inspiring’ Caroline Sanderson ‘Editor’s Choice’

‘Is a collection such as Caroline Criado-Perez's Do It Like a Woman needed? Sadly, yes - the amount of abuse the author has received online for her feminist beliefs is testament to that’ Rachael Pells

‘Like Sheryl Sandberg's feminist handbook Lean In, but without the corporate focus, it's an inspiring read, celebrating game-changers across the globe’

‘Need inspiring? Do It Like A Woman brings together stories of kick-ass women from around the world who have shown great heroism and bravery. It's rousing and immensely readable’

‘Striking... It is refreshing to read a feminist work informed by lives far removed from that of the author. There's no doubt that she has researched widely. Like any woman who is vocal in the public sphere, Criado-Perez has been obsessively threatened. She doesn't dwell on the experience, instead using her platform to shed light on the lives of others. There is bravery in that, too'’ Sophie Elmhirst

‘The big message: change the world’

‘The book honours other women who are paving the way in their chosen fields - and doing it like women’

‘The outspoken activist and campaigner, Caroline Criado-Perez reveals the stories of women's lives all around the world... These women are proving to the world and themselves that a single step can bring powerful change’

‘The women featured are varied... Their stories come alive through minutiae. Criado-Perez allows her interviewees to speak at length and for the most part their stories are told in their own words... It is refreshing to read a feminist work informed by lives far removed from that of the author'’ Sophie Elmhirst

‘Well researched and packs a punch’ Lesley McDowell

‘Young girls and women everywhere should have a copy as a reminder of how awesome women are’ Bridget Christie

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